Nginx + SSL from Network Solutions

These days you need an intermediate cert when using an SSL. Last time I set up a cert from Network Solutions, this intermediate cert was clearly named. This time around they issued quite a few certs and it made it confusing. * AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt * MY.DOMAIN.COM.crt * NetworkSolutions_CA.crt * UTNAddTrustServer_CA.crt The two certs we care about here are *MY.DOMAIN.COM.crt*, my site's ssl cert, and NetworkSolutions_CA.crt, Network Solution's intermediate key. Ok, now the tricky part. With old Apache, there was a specific directive for defining the intermediate cert. Nginx participates in no such thing. With Nginx we just need to cat our two certs together.
cat MY.DOMAIN.COM.crt NetworkSolutions_CA.crt > combined.crt
Now just add this to your conf with:
ssl_certificate /usr/local/nginx/certs/combined.crt;