Get Push Notifications From Campfire or Anything Else That Growls

Use Case: You're away from your computer and something tragic/awesome happens in Campfire. Someone pings you, but you're not there to get it. You come back to your desktop with 100 growl messages of people pinging you in Campfire, and you missed something tragic/awesome. Eff that. Thats what happens to you. Here's what happens to me: I'm on the couch, someone pings me in Campfire: "Maddox, we're adding an instance because of load". I immediately get that message pushed to my phone and can then open "Ember": on my iPhone to immediately drop into the campfire and find out what's going on. That means at the airport, in bed, or at a bar. It's a really amazing flow. !(centered)! With "Prowl": you can get all your growl notifications pushed to your iPhone. It's a simple plug-in that pushes every growl message you get, to your phone. But we don't want every message sent to our phone. So here's the quick lesson on my awesome strategy for keeping the noise down while getting the important things. * You need to purchase Prowl from the "app store": * You need sign up with the prowl service. Register "here": * Read installation "instructions": or just skip ahead * Download the "plug-in": * Install it * Now you have to set it up which is the TRICKY part * Go to the app that you want to Prowl, because you don't want EVERY growl notification going to your phone. Just the apps that you choose. !! * Set the display style for the app to "Prowl" * Butttt the trick is, you dont want it to always use Prowl. That would be annoying. You want the app to use Growl while you're using your computer, but Prowl when you're away. So... you trick it out. * Go to the display options tab and configure Prowl * Add your username and password * Now, this is the most crucial step: * Set Prowl up to only work if your computer has been idle for a set amount of time * And tell it what growl style to use when you haven't been idle. !! And you're all set up. So all day long as I work, Campfire (via the awesome "": will growl to my screen. But, the second I'm away from my computer for longer than 5 minutes, all the growl notifications from Campfire will be sent via push notification to my iPhone. This is an amazing flow, especially when you know everyone is using it. It means you can page them remotely anytime you really really need them. It's the future.